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Kitchfix Subscribe

We can save the week, every week.

Our subscription service delivers prepared meals each week based on your needs and preferences. Each menu is crafted by chefs and approved by our nutritionist.

Less hassle, lower cost, more variety

  • Once we know your dietary needs and preferences, we’ll come up with a great selection of weekly meals.
  • Your consistent delivery time is reserved just for you (but can always be changed as needed).
  • Never underestimate the element of surprise! With Kitchfix Subscribe you’re never bored, but always delighted with our chefs’ selections.

Ideal for...

  • Busy folks who want a “set it and forget it” option
  • Routine-cravers who like consistent delivery times
  • Adventurous foodies who desire something new every week
  • Anyone looking to save time, or get out of a food rut

Weekday Plan: Perfect for lunch or dinner

Weekday-Plus Plan: A little extra to get you through the week

Sign up once, receive deliveries every week.

  • Choose your meal plan, add breakfast or snacks, set your dietary preferences, and pick the most convenient day and time for weekly deliveries.
  • Each plan is intended for one person. More people in your household? Simply register twice, and each person can set their own preferences.
  • Automatically renews every four weeks, with option to pause any time.

Questions? Check out our FAQs.