Grain Free Granola Bars Chocolate Chip

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For a double dose of delicious chocolate, our Paleo-friendly Chocolate Chip Granola Bar uses both cocoa powder and chocolate chips for a protein-packed snack.

Sunflower seeds, maple syrup, chocolate chips (cane sugar, natural chocolate liquor (non-alcoholic), non-dairy cocoa butter), coconut, cocoa, walnuts, almonds, coconut oil, flaxseed, sea salt

Nutrition Facts

  • Total Calories - 190
  • Fat - 15g
  • Servings per container 5
  • Serving size - one bar
  • Sodium - 80mg
  • Carbohydrates - 11g
  • Fiber - 3g
  • Sugar - 6g
  • Protein - 5g
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