As we gear up for the September Whole30, we want to share some of our favorite Whole30 recipes throughout the month. 

When I did my first Whole30, I loved utilizing sauces to keep it interesting and add variety to any dish. To keep our ranch extra creamy, we use cashews as the base. They are neutral in flavor, so they are an ideal substitute for traditional buttermilk. This ranch will last about a week in the fridge, and it’s great for all types of salads and dips. Trust me, once you try this Paleo Ranch, you may not want to go back to store bought.

Paleo Ranch

Makes about a cup and a half

Ingredients: .

Paleo Ranch:

½ c water

¼ c cashews, raw organic

¼ c lemon juice, fresh

1 tsp apple cider vinegar

1 Tbl dijon mustard (compliant)

2 tsp shallot, minced

½ tsp garlic powder

¼ tsp celtic sea salt

½ c grapeseed oil

½ tsp chives, fresh, minced

½ tsp dill, fresh, chopped

1 qt cold water


SOAK the cashews overnight in 1 qt of cold water

WAKE up, drink coffee, and strain off the cashews, discard the water

PUREE all ingredients together except the dill and the chives

CHOP the herbs 

FOLD the fresh herbs into the dressing

DIP everything! Pro tip: Add Franks Red Hot to it to make a spicy ranch.

You can find our Paleo Ranch in many of our dishes like the Paleo Ranch Chicken Salad or the Ranch Chicken Protein-Fix (featured below).