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5 Quick Breakfast Ideas

These simple, fast breakfasts will inspire you to start your day off in a positive way that will inspire you to make better healthy choices for hours after!

How to Not Diet and Feel Awesome

We explain a realistic approach to not dieting. Because dieting isn't awesome, but eating real food is! Learn this new approach to improving your health.

Easiest Green Smoothie Ever

If you are new to the green smoothie world, try this easy beginner's smoothie that tastes like strawberry lemonade. It is simple and you can't really mess it up, promise!

7 Strategies to Optimizing Your Body for Change 

(That You've Probably Never Tried!) It's hard to revamp your entire diet and lifestyle in one fell swoop. That's why we are big fans of small changes along the way.

7 Superfoodie Rules to Eat By

You've heard a lot of advice about what to eat and not eat. Here are some rules to get you started. Then it's up to you to listen to your body about weight loss, muscle gain, or any other body composition change, but we bet you haven't heard some of these ideas before!